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Sanyo Tools, a trusted name in Tools Manufacturing in India, has made a tremendous progress as a manufacturer of 'Sanyo' BRAND HAND TOOLS since its inception. Our innovative range of tools depicts our commitment to promote high quality tools after much research and modifications. Sanyo Tools constant quest for excellence and a will to scale new heights has made it a name to reckon with.

Research & Development

We are always furnished with comprehensive market knowledge by our in-house Research & Development department.

Skills and Technology

We turn ideas into successful products at a quicker rate. Each of our products are meticulously crafted by innovative and skillful craftsmen.


Since we serve an industry, which is running as per the customer's preferences, we take immense pride in offering them a piece as per their choice.

Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, we have flourished & excelled in our business because of complete client satisfaction through unmatched efficient services.

Future Goals

We are set to mesmerize masses with a wide range of products that are fascinating in addition and distinct to create highly innovative products.

INDIA'S LEADING Manufacturers Of : Hacksaw Blades & Hand Tools.